Teaching flamenco

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Teaching flamenco

Flamenco dance school


Cante Jondo Classes

Flamenco Theater has a dancing studio – Vasiliy Kleymenov’s Artistic Studio Cante Jondo for teaching the fundamentals of Spanish gitano (flamenco) and Russian gypsy dances.

Classes include study and training of such flamenco dances as Seguirilla, Farruca, Sigidilla, Zapateo, Zapateado, Zapateros, Alegrias, Fandango, Bulerias, Jaleio, Madonna, and Castanets Dance.

The studio has several groups – junior, advanced and senior. Students start their classes in trousers and shoes with steady and convenient hills (5—6 cm). Shoes and skirts may be purchased in the theater stores Sansha or Grishko (information is available in the studio).

Teaching flamenco. Flamenco dance school


Classes take up one hour and a half. The program is designed for 2 years. It is up to you to take more classes.

Want to try?

You are welcome. Information about the cost and schedule is available at contact numbers: 8 (916) 133 06 47, (495) 233 50 41, (495) 976 79 60

Many Cante Jondo graduates call their fascination with flamenco one of the milestones of their lives. They forget their routine concerns at the doorstep and convey their feelings and emotions in dancing.

Below is what Cante Jondo students say about flamenco>>

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