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Show of Flamenco Theater

Flamenco - Duende De Mi Corazón

Show of Flamenco Theater


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 This is a picturesque non-stop flamenco performance danced to the music of immensely popular flamenco musicians.

 The meaning and value of dances are described in the concert program. The multi-colored and -frilled skirts, castanets, fans, shawls and the multi-layer tapping and clapping rhythm inspire an atmosphere of a holiday, fiesta, luring the spectators to join the artists, which they will be able to do at the end of our performance.

 The show is regularly updated with new productions. The latest version includes a cluster of gypsy dances and songs Gypsy Dances of the World (Los Bailess de los Gitanos del Mundo).

The core flamenco show comprises dances of Italian, Latin American, Balkan, Romanian and Russian gypsies.

Non-intermission performance takes 1 hour 40 minutes.


About Show:

The debut performance of authentic gypsy flamenco Gitanos Dances was produced in Russia as early as 1977 by maestro of gypsy dance, stage director and ballet master Vasiliy Kleymenov.Show of Flamenco Theater

 This show developed through shared experience and creativity of such flamenco stars as Antonio Gades, Louisillio, Maria Rossa, Pilar Rioja and Queti Clavijo. The Gitanos Dances tours were always a success both inside and outside Russia.


Creating an atmosphere of a perpetual action where dancing reveals human sensations like love, hatred, anguish, anxiety, passion, sorrow and joy and the spectators are exposed to a powerful emotional thrust, this was an approach Vasiliy has implemented in his new dance show Flamenco Duende de Mi Corazón.

 Duende means a spirit, sparkle, flame in Spanish, and it fuels flamenco with magic and vitality. Conceptually, this performance moves away from purified Spanish flamenco and focuses on ancestral gypsy origin.

The Theaters performance goes beyond an illustration to flamenco or a borrowing from Spanish masters. Based on the elements of flamenco, it adds up the gypsy dancing phraseology and emphasis.

The program offers some thirty flamenco dances and performance of the best Theaters dancers.


Performance Show:

 Artistic director, ballet master and stage director is Vasiliy Kleymenov,

 Choreographer is Inez Kleymenov.


1. Siguirilla - Inez, Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna

2. Zapateado - Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna

3. Fandango - solo Inez, Vasiliy

4. Fandango - Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna

5. Castan'etas - Inez, Vasiliy, Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna

6. Farruca - Basilio, Dmitriy

7. Bulerias por expre-a - Inez, Vasiliy, Svetlana, Anna

8. Palmas - Inez, Vasiliy, Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna

9. Zapateo - Bis - Inez, Vasiliy, Svetlana, Anna

10. Tu Mira - solo Basilio

11. Solea - solo Svetlana

12. Antre musical tunes ( )

13. Gaucho - solo Inez

14. Tangos - solo Anna

15. Seguidilia - solo Svetlana

16. Buleria - solo Inez

17. Tonadilla - solo Inez, Vasiliy, Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna, Basilio

18. Zapateo - solo Inez

19. Zapateo - solo Vasiliy

20. Zapateo - solo Inez & Vasiliy

21. Zapateado - Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna

22. Alegrias - Inez, Vasiliy, Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna

23. Bulerias - Inez, Vasiliy, Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna

24. Madonna - solo Maria

25. Triana - Inez, Vasiliy, Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna

26. Baile de gitanos italianos - Iren, Selena

27. Baile de gitanos rumanos - Anna

28. Baile de gitanos yugoeslavos - Inez, Svetlana, Anna, Maria

29. Bailes de gitanos rusos - Inez, Vasiliy

30. Rumba de gitanos - Inez, Vasiliy, Maria, Vera, Svetlana, Anna, Iren, Selena, Basilio, Dmitriy


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