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About Us


Vasiliy Kleymenov, director and art director

Inez Kleymenova, choreographer

The creative idea and costumes V. Kleymenov

Site administrator and co-creator N. Provodnikova

Collective of Flamenco Theater

Inez Kleymenova. To enlarge.

Inez Kleymenova, the leading dancer of Flamenco Theater

" I have danced all my life, as long as I remember myself. I cannot live without it."

Svetlana Luschikova. To enlarge

Svetlana Luschikova, dancer, 6 years with Flamenco Theater

Flamenco is unique, very dramatic and comprehensive from rebel to humility, rage and tender, pain and happiness. Each move should be gracious and meaningful. Mastering flamenco is possible only through a hard work, and it will fill you with some special energy, esthetics and with a sense of living a full life!

Anna Poliakova.To enlarge

Anna Poliakova, dancer, 5 years with Flamenco Theater

 Flamenco lives in my soul and body. The sound of flamenco music and rhythm is overfilling and outpouring. It is energetic and explosive, spellbinding and inducing. I am addicted to it for the rest of my life. Flamenco is your heart in fire and a soul singing of ravishment and pain.

Dmitri Volkov. To enlarge

Dmitri Volkov, dancer of Flamenco Theater

To my mind, flamenco is the sole dance where a woman asserts her femininity and a man his masculinity.

 This is a really strong drive both physically and spiritually.  

Julia Borisenko. To enlarge

Julia Borisenko, dancer of Flamenco Theater

Basilio El Gitano Ruso. To enlarge

Basilio El Gitano Ruso , dancer of Flamenco Theater

Maria De Yesus. To enlarge

Maria De Yesus, dancer of Flamenco Theater


Concert at CDU Performance tour
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Concert in Kazan World Festival of Arts in Edinburgh Performance tour across Lithuania with Ice Fire show Show in Tsaritsyno Opera House Ice & Fire show Dance show "Flamenco - Duende De Mi Corazon"