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   Inez Kleymenova, choreographer of Flamenco Theater

Inez Kleymenova,

choreographer of Flamenco Theater

She won Grand Prix of the 18th National Contest for variety artists as the best performer of Spanish, Gypsy and Argentine dances.


Inez Kleymenova, choreographer of Flamenco Theater


Born in Barnaul City, she took to classical dances when she was 5 years old.

In Moscow, she got good choreography training from Yuri Cherepanov in the Folk Dance Ensemble and substantially enriched her dancing repertoire.

The ensemble studied and danced folk dances of the world, including Russian, Estonian, Argentine, Spanish, Mexican, Northern folk dances and many others.


Several years Inez worked as ballet dancer for the State Siberian Russian Folk Choir and then joined the modern dances group Dance Machine directed by famous tap dancer V. Shubarin.


As she tried her artistic self in various dancing, Inez realizes that only gypsy dances offer harmony to her temperament and give way to her emotions. Inez Kleymenova, choreographer of Flamenco Theater


This dream came true when she got acquainted with Vasiliy Kleymenov who produced gypsy dance performance for the popular TV show Morning Mail broadcast in the Soviet Union at the 1980s. Inez accepted Vasiliy’s offer to set up a professional theater – the gypsy theater of flamenco (Flamenco Theater).


They started creating the new repertoire, won the National Contest for variety artists, toured around the world showing their performance Flamenco Dances. Songs and Dances of the Russian Gypsies in many countries (India, Nepal, Sweden, Spain, Japan and Scotland).


Today Inez is both the lead dancer of the Flamenco Theater and chief choreographer at the dancing studio Cante Jondo.

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