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World Festival of Arts  in Edinburgh (2005)

 Edinburgh World Festival of Arts Flamenco Theater presented its dancing program Gipsy Dances of the World at the festival. The concert program included: Russian gypsies’ songs, dances of Russian, Spanish, Argentine and Balkan gypsies, and live music (Russian gypsy seven-stringed guitar). The performance had greatly impressed the spectators, and the Theatre won 4 out of 5 stars at the festival.

Representations have made the big impression upon spectators, and the Theatre has won at festival of 4 stars from 5 possible.


The Herald (Wednesday, August 10, 2005). Rob Adams
 Gipsy Dances of the World, concert at Roxy Art House

This show won’t be alone in offering Fringe-goers “magic” and “passion” but it’s one that delivers big-time. Over a virtually non-stop hour, the six strong cast of dancers and guitarists journey in music and motion across Russia, down to Spain, over to Argentina and on to the Balkans. If it doesn’t quite happen in that order, that’s to do with its one major drawback: some explanation as to the songs’ meaning and the dances’ origins might help. On the other hand, both songs and dancers are so rich in their expression that it’s easy just to get swept up in their drama.

It’s intense stuff, so intense that the troupe’s leader, Vasiliy Kleymenov, tap dancers and plays guitar simultaneously, though much of the action latterly plays out to recorded music as they get through more costume changes than a catwalk model will in a week between ferociously determined castanet formations and brilliant clapping and tapping intricacies.

In a high-profile venue with slightly better production values, this would be one of August’s hottest tickets. This isn’t just a performance: these people live and breathe their art.


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