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Vasiliy Kleymenov, maestro of gipsy dances,

art director and ballet maker of Moscow Flamenco Theater


He graduated from the ballet master department of the State Theater Institute (GITIS) in 1981, majoring in Spanish, flamenco and Russian gypsy dances in the special course handled by Professor R. Zakharov who selected students among future ballet stars such as V. Vasiliev, M. Liepa, E. Maksimova, Kondratieva and N. Timofeeva.

1972 – prize-winner as actor of Moscow Gypsy ROMEN Theatre at Moscow Theater Spring festival held for the young professional theater actors.

1976 – prize-winner as ballet master of Horses of Fire play at Moscow Theater Spring festival held among the professional theaters.

1989 – Grand Prix for the production of Spanish Suite, Gypsy Suite and Gaucho at the National Contest of Variety Artists and Ballet Makers.

Vasiliy Kleymenov. Ballet maker of Flamenco Theater


Vasiliy Kleymenov. Art director  of Flamenco TheaterVasiliy Kleymenov has developed a proprietary methodology for the delivery and teaching of gitanos and flamenco dances, creating the repertoire for the Flamenco Theater (1987) and solo performance concert Gypsy Dances of the World presented in Russia, Japan, Germany, Spain, USA and Yugoslavia.

 He directed gypsy-styled dances for the world and European figure skating champions, N. Linichouk and G. Karpanosov and flamenco-style dances for A. Krylova and her students, prize winners of the 2002 World Figure Skating Championship M. Drobiazko and P. Vanagas.

 Vasiliy was in charge of choreography and helped in creating the gypsy image and character in gypsy dance performed by M. Drobiazko and A. Diachenko for the Ice Age project.

To enlarge. Festival Moscow StarsAs a ballet director, Vasiliy took part in the production of the following performances and dances:

Spells, musical based on A. Kuprin’s novel “Olesia” (Romen, Achinsk Theather, director Yuri Sherling);

 Horses of Fire play (Romen Theater);

Gypsy Suite, dance for the State Folk Dance Ensemble Russia (art director Lukianova T.)

The Living Corpse, performance of the Malyi Theater (director Vitali Solomin), the choreographic episodes.

Movies: production of Spanish and gypsy dances and musical pieces in the movies My Blue Island and Tabor Ukhodit v Nebo (Russian title) – Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven, or Queen of the Gypsies (USA).

Vasiliy Kleymenov. Art director  of Flamenco Theater
He took to dances and music when he was a kid. His first dance couch is Dmitri Martyn, one of the founders of the Moldavian State Dance Troupe ZHOK.

In 1964, Vasiliy was enrolled in Rostov Culture College and learnt from remarkable choreographer and ballet master Irina Time [tīmə], whose granny Elizabeth Time trained dancers for the Imperial Theater. Irina Time was the first teacher who revealed and developed Vasiliy’s ballet master abilities. At that time he staged his first holiday performances at city’s squares and stadiums.


At 18, he entered Moscow Gypsy ROMEN Theater, where he directed flamenco-style performances and dances with his partner, famous gypsy dancer Zemfira Zhemchuzhnaya, Russia’s first flamenco performer delivering impromptu dancing.

When Spanish gitanos ballet troupe Antonio&Rosaria was on a performance tour in Moscow, its director Antonio admired Zemfira’s dancing and kissed her skirt as a sign of admiration and acknowledgement of her high professional skills (1965).

Since 1982 – member of the Union of Theater Workers.

Since 1986 – chief ballet master at State Circus.

Since 1987 – chief ballet master at Sochi State Phillharmonic Hall.

1989 – the establishment of Flamenco Theater as part of Moscow Concert ballet troupe. The theater performs inside and outside Russia presenting its proprietary show Flamenco Dances. Songs and Dances of Russian Gypsies.


The Theater incorporated Vasiliy Kleymenov’s artistic and dancing studio Cante Jondo that offers tuition for anyone fond of dancing. The most gifted students are involved in performances given by Flamenco Theater artists.

 To date, Vasiliy has produced the new performance show Flamenco – Duende de Mi Corazón updated and supplemented with new dances.

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